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Chunky Macrame Necklaces

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Elevate your accessory game with our Leeds-inspired Chunky Knotted Necklaces, meticulously handcrafted from vibrant hot pink hangers and reclaimed T-shirt yarn. Dive into a world of sustainable fashion as each knot weaves a tale of eco-conscious elegance right here in Leeds. Our bright-colored masterpieces not only add a pop of personality to your ensemble but also contribute to a greener planet.

Embrace the charm of Leeds craftsmanship with these chunky necklaces, where reclaimed T-shirt yarn takes center stage in a burst of lively colors. The magnetic clasps add a touch of convenience, ensuring your fashionable statement piece stays securely in place.

Dress up your style while making a conscious choice for the environment. Our Leeds-inspired Chunky Knotted Necklaces redefine accessory elegance with a blend of hot pink vibrancy and sustainable flair. Transform your look, one vibrant knot at a time, with these eye-catching, reclaimed creations that perfectly complement Leeds' commitment to both fashion and eco-responsibility.

Step into the world of Leeds-inspired fashion and sustainable chic. Experience the magnetic allure of our Chunky Knotted Necklaces, where reclaimed T-shirt yarn meets hot pink hangers in a Leeds-inspired celebration of style and environmental consciousness.


**Some of these have knotted closures, making them perfect for new mothers, with adjustable lengths**